jeudi 10 janvier 2013

Fun with new Ceylon M5 syntax

As a new dev version of the Ceylon Eclipse IDE was pushed, let's play with the syntax 

[String,Number,Boolean,String] fooBarTuple = ["foo",1,true,"bar"];
// can be seen as a sequence with this syntax
[Number|String|Boolean...] fooBarSequence = fooBarTuple;
// or this alternate sequencer
[] fooBarSequenceAlternate = fooBarTuple;
// can be seen as an iterable
{Number|String|Boolean...} fooBarIterable = fooBarSequence;
// create a new tuple with the first tuple    [Number,String,Number,Boolean,String] fooBarTuple42 = [42,fooBarTuple...];
// or a new iterable
{Number|String|Boolean...} fooBarIterable42 = {42,fooBarTuple42...};
// This is too verbose : define an alias
interface MyHeterogenousType => [Number|String|Boolean...];
MyHeterogenousType seenAsMyType = fooBarSequence;
// or use type inferencecompute
value fooBarTupleValue = fooBarTuple;
Boolean vrai = fooBarTupleValue[2];

lundi 3 décembre 2012

An old PC used as an A2DP bluetooth receiver

Works for me with Linux Mint 12.

The tutorials I found explain the part where we must add

in /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf

but I had a hard time to figure out that I had to modify /etc/pulse/ and add
load-module module-switch-on-connect
load-module module-loopback

else the sink/source are not automatically connected.

dimanche 27 mars 2011

Tapestry conversion to Gradle

One more high profile open source project migrating from Maven to Gradle.

Experience of Déjà vu ?

jeudi 30 décembre 2010

Beyond Red/Green/Refactor

Michael Feathers' post Making Too Much Of TDD. A must read.

lundi 8 novembre 2010


"Someone's intelligence can be measured by the quantity of uncertainties that he can bear" Immanuel Kant

lundi 12 juillet 2010

Java Posse Podcast #314 all about Scala

Once again, plenty of interesting things, this time all about Scala (not about Java)

During the podcast several people said that it was a very bad idea to try to learn Scala using Lift as a training material because it is way too functional for a beginner (in the functional programming acception of the term)

Well, maybe I should try Lift now, to check if I begin to understand functional programming in general, and in especialy in Scala.

Hibernate build infrastructure switching from Maven to Gradle

In the world of build tools this is big news : Steve Ebersole announced that he wanted to migrate from Maven to Gradle for the Hibernate project. A list of reasons is given for the switch (and I utterly understand what they mean).

Well, it is a very good incentive to try Gradle (and really Groovy + Ivy is a very enticing combination).