jeudi 30 décembre 2010

Beyond Red/Green/Refactor

Michael Feathers' post Making Too Much Of TDD. A must read.

lundi 8 novembre 2010


"Someone's intelligence can be measured by the quantity of uncertainties that he can bear" Immanuel Kant

lundi 12 juillet 2010

Java Posse Podcast #314 all about Scala

Once again, plenty of interesting things, this time all about Scala (not about Java)

During the podcast several people said that it was a very bad idea to try to learn Scala using Lift as a training material because it is way too functional for a beginner (in the functional programming acception of the term)

Well, maybe I should try Lift now, to check if I begin to understand functional programming in general, and in especialy in Scala.

Hibernate build infrastructure switching from Maven to Gradle

In the world of build tools this is big news : Steve Ebersole announced that he wanted to migrate from Maven to Gradle for the Hibernate project. A list of reasons is given for the switch (and I utterly understand what they mean).

Well, it is a very good incentive to try Gradle (and really Groovy + Ivy is a very enticing combination).

samedi 19 juin 2010

Convert M4A/AAC file to and from WAV file on Linux

May be useful to create M4A/ACC files for phone ringtones, use faad and faac command line utilities :
  • faad foo.aac creates a foo.wav file
  • faac foo.wav create a foo.acc file

vendredi 4 juin 2010

Writing zippy Android apps Google IO Video

A Must-see presentation for development on Android : Writing zippy Android apps

I really liked the part where Brad Fitzpatrick explains what the difference is between an AsyncTask and IntentService :
  • AsyncTask : for non blocking "fire and forget" operations outside of the UI Thread (the OS may kill the AsyncTask upon certain conditions and the task may not be able to finish its job)
  • IntentService : use for non blocking operations that must not be interrupted outside of the UI Thread

mardi 25 mai 2010

Checked exceptions : really, the debat is not over

Whao, I knew that it was not over, but I did not suspect how much.

And even though I disagree with the conclusion of his article, we can be thankful to Elliotte Rusty Harold for having provided us with a thorough thread of discussion about checked vs unchecked exception.

(By the way, did I mentioned that I did not like checked exceptions ?)