lundi 12 juillet 2010

Java Posse Podcast #314 all about Scala

Once again, plenty of interesting things, this time all about Scala (not about Java)

During the podcast several people said that it was a very bad idea to try to learn Scala using Lift as a training material because it is way too functional for a beginner (in the functional programming acception of the term)

Well, maybe I should try Lift now, to check if I begin to understand functional programming in general, and in especialy in Scala.

Hibernate build infrastructure switching from Maven to Gradle

In the world of build tools this is big news : Steve Ebersole announced that he wanted to migrate from Maven to Gradle for the Hibernate project. A list of reasons is given for the switch (and I utterly understand what they mean).

Well, it is a very good incentive to try Gradle (and really Groovy + Ivy is a very enticing combination).