dimanche 3 février 2008

TDD : How I was overusing mocks

The path to TDD is hard. When you think that you begin to understand how to apply it, you read this great Jay Fields post, and you understand that you missed the point about stubs...

As explained in his post, I was overusing mocks. I knew that I had to improve a lot in my way of using mocks, but what I really had to do was to use fewer mocks and more stubs. Basically I was missing the point that stubs are still of great use and are not superseded by mocks.

It's been a long time since I learned such an important thing in a post about TDD. Now I'm really going to try to stick to "one assert per test" (including "one mock assert per test")

And trying to do that, I'm also going to try "one test class per test setup". See this presentation about BDD by Dave Astels

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