mardi 14 octobre 2008

Sanitize dates in podcast title with groovy + jid3lib

When I sort the podcasts I download by their ID3 titles, I want to see an older episode sorted after a newer episode.

Here is a groovy script that modifies the MP3 title of an MP3 file passed as first parameter of the script, and replaces any date by a date. It also moves the date at the beginning of the title.

You need the Java ID3 Tag Library (jid3lib) and an embeddable Groovy (groovy-all.jar)

Now in order to run the script after each download, your podcast receiver must be able to run a custom command after each download. You can use Juice.

So here is a quick and dirty script sanitize_dates.groovy :

In the preferences of Juice you can use Run this command after each download with for exemple :

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