mardi 4 septembre 2007

Simple CruiseControl + Ant example

I always have a hard time finding online a simple example of CruiseControl + Ant file whenever I need to quickly setup a Continuous Integration server for a project. So here is the configuration I had set up for the open source project TSP (Transport Sample Protocol) :

For TSP the Ant build file was there to trigger the C build :

For TSP the setup instruction were :
  • install a binary distribution of cruise control
  • replace the config.xml file with the previous file. Change the email addresses of the 'returnaddress', and the 'always address'. You can add as many 'always address' as you want
  • go to the 'projects' directory of the cruisecontrol install and perform an anonymous check out of tsp :

you can test the build without cruise control if Ant is available :
go to projects/tsp/make and launch :

If everything is OK, with the build, run the script. you're done,
cruisecontrol is up and running.

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