samedi 15 septembre 2007

Mix RJ45 and coaxial (10Base-2) ethernet cables

Problem : how do you add a WIFI AP (Access Point) to an already existing network wired with 10Base-2 coaxial ethernet cables ?

Of course this is an old network with old PC, and you can not replace the 10Base-2 network adapters of the PC in order to rewire with RJ45 cables.

Answer : just find one more 10Base-2 network adapter in a drawer, and add it in an old Linux box that already has a RJ45 network adapter.

Setup two subnetworks, one on each adapter of the Linux box, with routing of the traffic from one subnetwork, to another (or even better, build a bridge, in order to have one single subnetwork).

Plug in the AP to the linux box with a crossover RJ45 ethernet cable.

This linux box can even be used as a gateway both for the LAN and for the WLAN !

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