jeudi 6 septembre 2007

Nautilus File Manager scripts : Scale JPG images

I really appreciate the feature of Nautilus (Gnome file manager) that allows the use of custom scripts via the right click contextual menu. To be seen by Nautilus, the scripts must be copied in a specific directory ; you can reach this directory with :
Right clic in any directory window --> Scripts --> Open Scripts Folder

For example here is a bash script that can be used to scale all JPG images in a directory (a directory is created and the scaled images are copied into this directory).

You must install XDialog and ImageMagick to be able to use this script.
On Ubuntu :

Then copy the script in the script directory of nautilus :

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Mathias a dit…

I once wrote a very similar shell script for use with konqueror (KDE3) that even showed a progress bar. :)